A great painting service will naturally make the product stand out. Considering that some products require incidental processing, we provide painting technology. The spray paint materials used are all environmentally monitored, and we will customize the sprayer fixture for the product to speed up the smooth completion of the product. Our painting work has always been well received by customers.

Surface spraying of automotive interior parts Surface spraying of electronic housing parts Spray painting of beauty equipment shell


In the field of electroplating, we also have considerable experience. We can meet the needs of bathroom accessories, auto accessories, home accessories, etc. from all walks of life. We most often use water electroplating, chromium, copper, nickel can all be electroplated. Electroplated parts have undergone a 24-hour salt spray test and are of very high quality.

Lamp plating parts Bathroom Accessory Plating Parts Auto parts electroplating parts

Pad Printing on logo

Pad Printing   

We can customize logos, text and images on your products through pad printing technology. The output is suitable for single pieces and large batches, and can achieve clear printing details, even on uneven surfaces.

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